EASYboss® V


  • Overview

    • One fastening element for varying component thicknesses
    • No mix-ups, since only one fastening element is necessary
    • Economic efficiency through part reduction
    • High dynamic safety of the system in combination with the DELTA PT® screw
    • No corrosion
    • Ergonomic and safe assembly
    • Consistent tightening torques
    • No catching of the parts
    • Decreased component weight, ca. 20% less than common metal clips
    • Suitable for automated assembly
    • Recyclable

Branislav Gunda


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CAD & more

V for "Variable"

Contrary to the out-dated sheet metal clips, the development focus for the EJOT EASYboss® V ("Variable") was on the possibility of variable thickness compensation and problem-free assembly. Due to the flexible mounted screw boss an assembly to different snap-on wall thicknesses is also possible. With two different standard versions of the EASYboss® V (clamp thickness 0.8 – 3.0 mm or 2.5 – 5.5 mm), this innovative fastening system covers a broad range of possible applications. This way the continued trend towards decreased component thickness is taken into account. The cost-effectiveness of this fastening system, which offers ideal prerequisites for direct assembly in combination with the EJOT DELTA PT® screw, is not only due to the price. Simply the replacement of different clips with one standardised part offers logical, qualitative and purchasing related advantages. The system has been designed in such a way that uniform tightening torques can be applied despite many different wall thicknesses and various different materials. This eases and accelerates the assembly process immensely. Errors due to wrong settings of the driver tools, falsely positioned or mixed-up clips are a thing of the past when using this innovative fastener.

Efficient production processes

The plastic fastening element is also ideally suited for efficiency increasing measures in modern manufacturing processes, in particular for optimisation of manufacturing and assembly processes with the aid of automated steps. The EASYboss® V is designed in such a way that automated snap-fitting is possible. The new EASYboss® V is mainly used in automotive engineering, for example in instrument panels, centre consoles, trim, front ends, fenders, lighting and other components. But there are also applications in the non-automotive field for the special fastening solution.