The new EJOT CROSSFIX® substructure system is revolutionising the market: CROSSFIX® is the first substructure made of stainless steel that can be used for horizontal and vertical support profiles. CROSSFIX® increases your flexibility, simplifies assembly, saves valuable time and reduces your storage costs. The CROSSFIX® console is made of 100% stainless steel and clearly reduces the thermal transmission of the system. The façade system is EN-1090-1-2012 certified, seismically tested and conforms to the Passive House standard (the console is a certified passive house component).
Verarbeiter montiert die CROSSFIX Konsole


  • Your one-stop solution: EJOT provides a complete system for all applications complete with assembly and processing information
  • Universal and versatile: CROSSFIX® offers a one-console solution for vertical and horizontal mounting; one fastener for fixed point or sliding point applications
  • Energy-efficient: Significant reduction of thermal transmittance of the console (in comparison to aluminium)
  • Economical: Easy and fast installation
  • Cost-efficient: Saves on material and storage costs
  • Safety: Higher static load capacity, better fire performance


Facts & Details

  • Thermal conductivity: stainless steel is approximately 13 W/mK vs. aluminium that is typically 160 to 220 W/mk

  • Fire behaviour: The melting temperature of stainless steel is at 1,450°C vs. aluminium at 660°C

  • Environmental friendliness: Moderate energy input in the production of stainless steel. Lower environmental impact.

  • Structural load capacity: Stainless steel is far more resistant than aluminium

Peter Vajda 
Product Manager CROSSFIX
E-Mail: PVajda@ejot.com